April 26, 2009: Random Walks Through Myspace

In recent weeks, most of my spare time has been consumed by booking a tour for the band I’m in, a side-effect of which is getting to know more about the local scenes in other locales. Myspace is notoriously user unfriendly when it comes to a simple request such as, say, finding all the bands in the San Diego area that call themselves “indie”, have more than a couple hundred friends, and have logged in sometime in the past week. But it’s still the website that every band worth anything has a page at, so I managed to hack and brute-force my way around its limitations and came across some pretty darn good bands. I wasn’t able to set up shows with all of the bands listed below, but most of them were at least friendly and responsive to my emails.

The Weather Machines (Portland)

The Crosswalks (Portland)

Pillow Army (Seattle)

Grand Hallway (Seattle)

Beestings (Seattle)

The Very Most (Boise)

A Crowd of Small Adventures (Las Vegas)

Summer Darling (Los Angeles)

Gray Ghosts (San Diego)

The Moviegoers (San Diego)

Lily White (San Diego)

Honorable mentions (i.e. bands I couldn’t find youtube clips of but you should still check them out): The Awkward Years (Spokane), Olaf Olaf Olaf (Spokane), Dept. of Energy (Seattle), Collapsichord (Seattle), Alligators (Seattle), Alligators (Salt Lake City)