January 13, 2010: The Monosyllabic Year in Music 2009

Here’s the mix I make every year around this time to try to distill my listening habits of the previous twelve months into some sort of singular experience. Download it here.

Boston Spaceships, “The Town That’s After Me” from The Planets Are Blasted
Averkiou, “The South Wall” from Throwing Sparks
Point Juncture, WA, “New Machine” from Heart to Elk
The Invisible Cities, “The Only Reason The Club Was Made” from Houses Shine Like Teeth
Here We Go Magic, “Tunnelvision” from Here We Go Magic
Washed Out, “Belong” from High Times
These Are Powers, “Glass Blocks” from All Aboard Future
Polvo, “Beggar’s Bowl” from In Prism
Teenage Cool Kids, “Speaking In Tongues” from Foreign Lands
Built to Spill, “Hindsight” from There Is No Enemy
The Hunches, “Not Invited” from Exit Dreams
Tune-Yards, “Hatari” from Bird-Brains
Sholi, “Dance for Hours” from Sholi
The Whitest Boy Alive, “Intentions” from Rules
Dirty Projectors, “Stillness Is The Move” from Bitte Orca
Real Estate, “Beach Comber” from Real Estate